I've  been on the hunt for a good lemon-printed piece of clothing for several years now. In college, my best friend had a sundress adorned with the citrus fruit and I was jealous not only of how cute the print was but also how it looked on her. During this period I struggled a lot with body image and viewed it as a deep personal failing if a particular item didn't fit me the way that I wanted. 

I've come a long way in the past six or so years in accepting myself and developing my own sense of style, but the hunt for the perfect lemon print continued. There were a few adorable contenders along the way — a scarf here, a dress there — but nothing topped my instant love for this silk blouse by the brand Equipment, spotted on the rack at Bloomingdale's last month. I haven't wanted to take it off since I first tried it on.

I wore the top on a recent outing to Portland's International Rose Test Garden with a pair of deep red shorts from American Eagle Outfitters and the lace-up sandals that I've been living in so far this summer. I actually forsee an ability to layer the shirt in a bunch of different ways once temperatures cool down, making it well worth the investment.

I've been feeling minimalist accessorizing lately — especially with the lemon blouse, which stands out so much on its own. I really like how this Art Deco-esque Madewell ring plays against the vibrant, floaty fabric of the shirt. Add some classic Ray Bans and a structured Topshop purse and you have an easy summer outfit that will withstand the heat.

I love getting dressed these days and delight in buying fewer, higher quality items that will last. This is partially due to settling into my style, creating a wardrobe I will love for a long time. But it also has to do with how confident I feel. I've finally figured out that if you don't like the way an item looks on you, it doesn't mean there's something wrong with your body. It's about finding clothes that make you feel your best. And if it means several years of hunting for the perfect lemon print, so be it.

Erin Mayerfashion