On Adulthood & Shopping

I've been thinking a lot recently about how to build a more grown-up, high quality wardrobe and have adopted something of a "buy less, spend more" policy. Of course that doesn't mean I don't love a good cheap find, but I'm focusing on quality over quantity lately. Which leads me to this: a few weeks ago I walked into a Reformation boutique in Soho and instantly fell in love with the brand's Picadilly dress in the Galactic print. At $198, the dress is a bit pricier than most of the casual items I own, but I can already tell that I'm going to live in it this spring and summer. Plus, I love Reformation's mission statement—creating sustainable, good for the environment clothing. 

The pockets and the stitching remind me of a super hip '50s diner waitress uniform! I love the relaxed-yet-structured silhouette, which makes this a really easy piece to style in a variety of ways. 

It was warm on the day I took these photos, but I knew I'd be outside walking around until late, so I topped the Reformation dress with a denim jacket I bought at LOFT last year and wore a pair of soft brown shoes with flowers etched into the leather for a subtle mixed prints effect. These shoes are ridiculously comfortable and I've worn them to death yet they still look almost good as new. 

Star-printed as it might be, this dress felt like a very "adult" purchase for me. I'm sure it has an awful lot to do with the price, but also the quality and the fact that I love it more than just about anything else in my wardrobe. Hey, if I'm growing up, I guess my closet should grow up with me, right?

Outfit Details: Picadilly Dress, Reformation; Denim jacket, LOFT (similar style here); Shoes, Anthropologie (no longer available); Ring, purse; Topshop (no longer available)

Erin Mayer