The Most Soothing Beauty Product I Used This Week (#1)

I have been a bit of A Mess lately, and while some might argue that I should be in therapy, I maintain that I'm just one sheet mask application away from total serenity (and breakout-free skin). The only way I know how to deal with my anxiety is to slap some layers of gunk on my face and hope that process calms me down — which is why I'm starting this new series. I'm calling it The Most Soothing Beauty Product I Used This Week because my favorite products, be they skincare or makeup, tend to be the ones that help me breathe a little easier while I'm applying them. So, without further ado, The Most Soothing Beauty Product I used this week is...

Essence Prettifying Lip Oil in 01 I Care For You, Honey

As a lifelong believer in Vaseline as lip balm, I've been skeptical about the new surge of lip oils that have hit the market over the past few months. But after battling chapped lips for about as long as I can remember, and watching enough YouTube videos raving about them to be curious, I jumped at the chance to try this version from essence.  

It comes in three shades but so far I've only tried this one, which looks really yellow in the tube but goes on pretty much clear. It leaves a glossy, comfortable finish, but to be honest I mostly wear it to bed. What can I say? I enjoy the feeling of marinating in oils as I drift off to sleep — and waking up with soft, flake-free lips, which this has come about as close to delivering as any other balm/scrub/oil that I have tried. I've been known to gnaw the dead skin off of my lips with my teeth, effectively making the problem even worse, so I need all the help I can get in this department.

I'll have to use this for a bit longer before I know for sure whether it holds a candle to my previously beloved petroleum jelly, but so far my lips have never been more comfortable. 

Erin Mayer